Enjoying the Journey
I became increasingly uncomfortable in this setting, not because of being a hater but because of not wanting the wrong signals to be broadcast to those “cruising” the parking lot. I stayed all of about 10 minutes there before moving on. I use to drive this route when I worked in Bartlesville but never on a motorcycle. I was curious to retrace the path of Killers of a Flower Moon country on my two-wheeled steed.
Roaring River Ride May 7 2022
Okay, so the reason for this post is to be able to say I took my bike to Roaring River and back (approximately 240 miles) and get some idea of how it does on longer trips. The thing did awesomely! The only issue I had was the connection on the battery loosened up on the ride and started giving me fits when I got back to Langley to get gas. One other interesting aside is that my right saddlebag latch became disengaged on the way back and found out that the entire locking mechanism had been somehow ripped out of the side. Yeah, weird.

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