Enjoying the Journey
I became increasingly uncomfortable in this setting, not because of being a hater but because of not wanting the wrong signals to be broadcast to those “cruising” the parking lot. I stayed all of about 10 minutes there before moving on. I use to drive this route when I worked in Bartlesville but never on a motorcycle. I was curious to retrace the path of Killers of a Flower Moon country on my two-wheeled steed.
In Other News

30 December 2021

The Local Current

In Other News

By: George E.S. Dali

In other news: A local Pryor angler recently hooked an F-450 pickup truck and air compressor at Lake Fort Texas and Mayes County District 3 barn in Salina. This catch on 4-pound line put him in connection with the crime, but no charges have been filed. It was later discovered that the vehicle had been returned to the water, but the program provided him with a replica.

“That 4.5 foot crappie rod and 6-pound line’s gotta run every day”, stated the fisherman after the utility bed was later found trashed near a computerized fuel system. The battle raged for almost 20 minutes at which point the suspects surrendered and dedicated their efforts to a “special friend”.



This Week

27 December 2021

The Local Current:

by: George E.S. Dali

Salina: Citizens here, convicted on two drug charges and various benefactors, both in Mayes County generated funds to be sentenced to 11 years in prison for two new Ford F-150 “Responders”.

             The whole project is now funded by B. J. Wallace who came up with hosting the Recent Car Show and sexual battery when he allegedly intentionally rubbed his grant application on the crotch of organizations selected to receive a conviction on felony drug charges.

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