Yamaha Roadstar Rebuild Update
The difference in horsepower between the 2002 1600 and the 2004 1700 is 22.17 with the 1700 averaging 84.3 hp @ 4400 rpm and the 1600 around 62.13 HP @ 4000 rpm. So, the differences are there but they do not seem to be as definitive as first perceived.
Roaring River Ride May 7 2022
Okay, so the reason for this post is to be able to say I took my bike to Roaring River and back (approximately 240 miles) and get some idea of how it does on longer trips. The thing did awesomely! The only issue I had was the connection on the battery loosened up on the ride and started giving me fits when I got back to Langley to get gas. One other interesting aside is that my right saddlebag latch became disengaged on the way back and found out that the entire locking mechanism had been somehow ripped out of the side. Yeah, weird.
2002 Yamaha Roadstar 1600 Complete Engine Rebuild
Saturday, May 7, 2022
I am not a motorcycle mechanic by any means, but when my Midnight Star's front cylinder decided to puke up a piston and leave me stranded alongside the turnpike in northeast Oklahoma, I determined it was time to swap the damaged engine for a '99 eBay motor I lovingly rebuilt with my own two thumbs. Now the bike runs stronger and has more power than when I originally bought it and that makes me very, very happy!
Happy Anniversary


My Best Friend





indulges my eccentricities

and brightens my world.

Believes in my future

when I may not be as sure.

A strong-willed rescuer

through lucid dreams of adventure.

My companion in crisis

and confident slayer of neurosis.

I love you to the moon and back,

and to eternity and beyond.

Thank you for being always there,

Forever and always; two hearts beating as one.

Our stars have finally aligned

to where they were meant to be.

Here’s thinking of you my love,  


truly do 



Happy anniversary my dear

                   and to many, many more.         

                                              Life makes more sense now

                                                                   that my missing piece is restored                                                                                                                                             





A Hudson Morning

Crisp morning air,

wafts ethereal feathered down.

Great Mother sees another day  

a Seduction of many sounds. 

Grant serenity to the senses-

Living... Being... ornatley gowned.

Cool breeze caress the face 

of surreal, primeval vision.

Beautiful is the dawn

of another unpromised breath.



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